Government of Queensland

The Queensland Attorney General requested an Independent Review of Youth Detention Centres in Queensland in 2016. This Review, conducted by Kathryn McMillan QC and Professor Megan Davis, ultimately made two recommendations to the Queensland Government relating to justice reinvestment (JR) in the youth justice space: the first (Recommendation 9) was that it consider opportunities for partnerships with existing community organisations to engage in JR initiatives across Queensland; the second (Recommendation 11), that it examine work undertaken in Tasmania regarding social justice return with the view of incorporating some of those practices and concepts in the Queensland Youth Justice funding framework, particularly around reintegration support for young people exiting youth detention.

In 2017 the Queensland Attorney General’s Department and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women’s Youth Justice portfolio commissioned an independent researcher to undertake consultations with the community of Cherbourg. These consultations aimed to gather resident and stakeholder views on implementing a JR model locally. The outcomes of these consultations are discussed here  but to quickly sum up, the Cherbourg community was largely in favour of trialling a community-led and governed JR initiative, and the final report of the consultation process, published in the first half of 2018 was endorsed by the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council. Currently Youth Justice is considering implementation and governance options for a JR initiative based on the recommendations set out in the final report.

While the Queensland Government does not have a specific online platform where it outlines its strategies, policies and implementation of JR, the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women provides progress updates on its actioning of the recommendations from the Independent Review of Youth Detention Centres here.

More details on the background and scope of the Independent Review as well as the Review Final report can be accessed here,  via the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.