Government of South Australia

The South Australian Attorney General’s department provided funding to Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2015 to consult with members of the Port Adelaide community about implementing a local justice reinvestment initiative. The consultations revealed  wide community support and provided the foundation for the commencement of a JR pilot in 2017. The success of this pilot in its first sixth months, which was first funded independently by the Law Foundation of South Australia and facilitated by Justice Reinvestment South Australia and the Red Cross, led to the South Australian Government providing additional financial support in the second half of 2017. This additional funding has enabled further development of the pilot work to date in terms of continuing data gathering, community engagement and and dynamic community led governance and action plans. It has also provided for the establishment of a “community justice hub” on site at Tauondi Aboriginal College as well as the construction and implementation of a data platform for monitoring and assessing the the JR initiatives underway.

The South Australian Attorney-General’s Department has published a webpage on JR. It provides a little background on the initial Port Adelaide consultation process, links to the PwC consultation report, as well as states the Government’s adopted working definition of JR. The South Australian Government’s JR webpage can be accessed here.