Just Reinvest NSW


Just Reinvest NSW (Just Reinvest) was formed by a coalition of more than twenty organisations and individuals from New South Wales to address the significant overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people in custody through a Justice Reinvestment (JR) approach. It is an independent, non-profit, membership-based, incorporated association auspiced by the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT.

Just Reinvest’s key message to the government and the community is that there is a solution: a smarter approach that will reduce crime and create safer, stronger communities.

In 2013, Just Reinvest began a partnership with the Bourke community to implement the first major justice reinvestment trial in Australia: Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Initiative. (Click here for more details on the Maranguka Initiative).

To learn more about Just Reinvest please visit their website. There you’ll find regular updates on Just Reinvest’s policy and advocacy work as well as the latest developments taking place through the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Initiative. The website also hosts a variety of JR resources and toolkits, including a JR calculator, enabling visitors to do the math on monies spent by governments on corrective service responses in their local area.

Just Reinvest NSW Site Update March – June 2019

Community engagement and project sites (Mt Druitt, Moree & Armidale)

Community Engagement  – general

  • Work on the Community Safety Fund (CSF) continues.
  • JRNSW was successful in our application to NSW Department of Justice for funding for the JR Community Engagement Project to reach out to the communities interested in JR who approached us over the last few years.
  • Jenny Lovric started in September 2018 – grant for 18 months.
  • Completed the Toolkit – justreinvest.org.au/jr-toolkit-2
  • Currently around 20-24 communities interested. There are varying levels of interest.
  • Need to make sure that Aboriginal community control stays central and governance is put in place.
  • A 6 month CSF progress report has been submitted to the Department of Justice.
  • We are regularly attending Moree, Armidale and Mt Druitt.
  • We are at a point where we need to engage a local Aboriginal worker in each site to more systematically progress the JR work. We are actively seeking funding to continue work in new communities – Looking for resourcing around community mobilisation and governance.

Mt Druitt

  • Just Reinvest NSW is now at the table with the Western Sydney Service Delivery Reform Project (with DPC, Health, Police, Justice, FACS, DET, and University of Western Sydney). We are the only NGO at this table.
  • We are currently pursuing an opportunity to work alongside Mt Druitt Police and FACS to support identified vulnerable young Aboriginal people deemed to be “at risk”.
  • We have been part of forming the “Western Sydney Change Collective” that includes various collective impact initiatives working in Mt Druitt to support and empower vulnerable families. The WSCC has participated in consultations with TFM’s Service Access Redesign team and successfully bid to host Collaboration for Impact’s ChangeFest in Mt Druitt in November 2019.
  • We are working with Aboriginal Affairs and their new Kimberwalli Centre for Excellence opening in Mt Druitt. Kimberwalli have agreed to host ChangeFest 2019.
  • We are supporting an emerging youth leadership forum for young Aboriginal people in Western Sydney – the Western Sydney Youth Aboriginal Alliance.
  • We are participating in numerous local initiatives and support for justice reinvestment is high.
  • We are working with a team led by Revenue NSW to address the significant overrepresentation of young people being issued with transport related fines.
  • We have ongoing philanthropic support from IAG to help us to continue our engagement work in Mt Druitt.
  • Just Reinvest, with the ALS, participated in a Reconciliation Week event in Mt Druitt – and did face-painting at an event in the Willmot Hub.
  • Attended the TFM service access design consultation.


  • Our work in Moree is progressing well. The crime issues in Moree are significant, and there is a sense of urgency that young people are at risk and things need to be done differently.
  • We are working with community members who are currently exploring local governance frameworks to support the justice reinvestment work.
  • As well as working with community members, we are actively engaging with the Moree Plains Shire Council, FACS, DET and Police – including the District Superintendent and Moree OIC.
  • We have employed a local JR Community Engagement Officer, Judy Duncan.
  • Judy Duncan attended the Maranguka Working Groups in Bourke July 18-20.


  • There has been a lot of prior JR work completed by Uncle Tom Briggs in the Armidale Community for years.
  • We are continuing to be led by Uncle Tom and have held our 3rd series of Aboriginal and general community meetings in Armidale.
  • Our next steps will involve convening an Elders’ Forum in July.
  • Armidale needs someone on the ground employed part/full time to continue to progress this work. This work includes local mapping, skills audits and ongoing community engagement.
  • We have met with Adam Marshall MP, with Uncle Tom Briggs from the Armidale Land Council. Adam Marshall expressed his support for our ongoing work in Armidale and Moree (both in his electorate).
  • We have enthusiastic support from the Local Police Commander (who also covers Moree).

Young people are involved in leading JR

  • JRNSW went to Cobham Juvenile Detention Centre and talked with several young men about what they would like to see for their community
  • Have a youth survey in each location asking about hopes and dreams/education/police interactions/demographics
  • Mt Druitt – Isaiah Sines has been engaged as a Youth Consultant in Mt Druitt
  • Applied for a My Community Grant for resourcing to support a Western Sydney Aboriginal Youth Alliance.
  • Moree – Applied for a My Community Grant in Moree for a Youth and Community Connector.
  • Have been discussing Justice Reinvestment with Moree Secondary College students- we have been talking to year 10-12 classes.