Justice Reinvestment South Australia

Justice Reinvestment SA (JRSA) is a network of individuals, peak bodies and organisations which are committed to assisting communities to identify and implement localised solutions which tackle the root causes of crime, reduce offending and incarceration and improve community wellbeing and safety. JRSA comprises a Board and Advisory Council. The Hon Dr Robyn Layton AO QC has held the role of Chairperson for the past 4 years.

JRSA exists to:

  • Provide information and promote the principles of Justice Reinvestment in SA
  • Advocate for increased community and Government commitment for targeted evaluated projects to advance justice reinvestment in SA
  • Represent the wider community and the community sector on bodies established to deliver justice reinvestment trials in SA
  • Contribute to the tracking, monitoring and evaluating of justice reinvestment projects in SA
  • Expand, support and resource the network of people interested in justice reinvestment in SA.

Red Cross provides secretariat and project management support to JRSA, including contracts management for community-based justice reinvestment projects as required. JRSA and Red Cross is working in partnership with Tiraapendi Wodli (Port Adelaide Justice Reinvestment Aboriginal Leadership Group) to establish and implement a justice reinvestment trial in Port Adelaide.