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The Cairns Institute is a multi-disciplinary centre at James Cook University. The Institute has a focus on northern Australia and tropical societies more generally. One of the goals of the Institute is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment and prosperity across health, education, employment, housing, law, justice, language and culture. As part of its research and policy initiatives, the Institute sponsored the publication of a report by Fiona Allison and Chris Cunneen on Justice Reinvestment in Northern Australia.

In August 2018, the Cairns Institute at James Cook University launched Justice Reinvestment in Northern Australia – the first report in it’s Policy Paper Series. Professor Chris Cunneen and Ms Fiona Alison joined a panel discussion on JR with:

  • The Hon Stanley Jones AO QC
  • Donella Mills, Deputy Chair NACCHO and Chair, Wuchopperen Health Service
  • Sarah Szydzik CEO The Streets Movement
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service

Justice Reinvestment in Northern Australia looks at justice concerns, and in particular, the potential implementation of Justice Reinvestment in Northern Australia. Despite various government papers and policy discussions on developing Northern Australia, the need and the potential to reduce the extraordinary levels of Indigenous imprisonment in Northern Australia has been ignored as a community development issue. The research paper addresses this problem. Download the Justice Reinvestment Policy Paper