Our Network

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the Justice Reinvestment Network Australia is

to build a community of practice around Justice Reinvestment in Australia

In achieving this purpose, our objectives are to

directly support communities, predominantly First Nations communities, to explore and implement JR

advocate for more systemic policy and other reforms that align with JR principles, approaches and objectives

This purpose is also reflected in the design of our logo

About our logo

The logo is designed to draw the eye from the outside moving inward to represent investing into communities. The central meeting circle represents the leadership and decision-making power of community members, particularly First Nations community members as being the core of Justice Reinvestment. Wrapping around to support community you will see our broader membership of advocates, researchers and policy colleagues who advocate for Justice Reinvestment. We have then used the concept of ripples to demonstrate the impact that extends out when investment goes in. These ripples deliberately extend out beyond our two leadership circles to demonstrate the beneficial impact of Justice Reinvestment that is felt beyond our members by broader Australia.


The Justice Reinvestment Network Australia has met since 2015 to share knowledge and to create a community of practice around Justice Reinvestment. Our membership includes

Community members

particularly First Nations community members leading local Justice Reinvestment approaches

Justice Reinvestment peak bodies

that are practicing Justice Reinvestment

Researchers and policy colleagues

advocating for Justice Reinvestment and other alternative approaches to incarceration

Non-government organisations

supporting and advocating for Justice Reinvestment


The communities we partner with

A list of the communities across Australia that are self-determining their own approach to Justice Reinvestment is available on our communities and supporters page.

Our policy priorities

Our primary policy priority is to

Progress a national Justice Reinvestment agenda

This agenda prioritises


Community and particularly First Nations community leadership and expertise underpinning the design and implementation of Justice Reinvestment.

Long-term funding

Support to communities to identify and access flexible and sustainable funding from different sources.

Systems reform

Enactment of policy and law reforms to the justice system weaknesses and inefficiencies highlighted by the Justice Reinvestment process.

You can also find out more about our advocacy for Justice Reinvestment on our advocacy page.